Yellow Abstract Landscape: A kaleidoscope of colors

Yellow Abstract Landscapes 



Introducing my new Yellow Abstract Landscapes! Part of the artwork I created in my 100 days project.

Abstract art allows us to speak in ways that we cannot with words. Landscape art, both in it's making & in its appreciation, is part of our collective response to the world around us. 

Yellow and Blue, Multi-colour Digital Abstract Landscape

Abstract landscapes map out landscapes that can be real, imagined, distorted or simplified; abstracted in some way. For me, abstract landscapes that I love convey emotion, in a pre-language form, it moves me in a way that's hard to put into words. When making art, I am process-led, this response guides the creation process and when the art is finished or resolved in some way.

This yellow abstract tells a tale of an unknown, imaginary world, with a horizon in the distance and refracted, kaleidoscopic, colors, leading our eye towards the horizon. 

Yellow is a positive color & whilst this land is unfamiliar and surreal, it feels welcoming and happy.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading my blog!


Metal Print

Yellow Abstract Landscape

Living Room View 

Here's how it might look at home.


Abstract Landscape, Wall View, with armchair

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