Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring photopainting 1 by  onlythemoon



I look around & there are signs of spring to be seen, dotted throughout the landscape. The daffodils though windswept, are cheerily waving their yellow heads, heralding that Spring won’t be far behind. Buds are starting to appear, showing signs of regrowth and change.

Signs of Spring photopainting 2 by  onlythemoon


Today, I'm sharing these photopaintings, works in progress, of buds in a tree, I've added different brush strokes and experimented with light effects.  

Enhancing the photograph digitally, gives it a painterly quality, moving towards abstraction. The limited color palette simplifies the image, allowing the viewer to focus on the buds and leaves, the texture and tonal qualities of the landscape.

I really like the simplicity in the monochrome images, allowing our eyes to focus on the buds against the textured background. The buds appear to reach out beyond the tree-line, highlighting the new growth ahead. 

Here's the original photograph (below), so that you can see the changes, from photograph, to photopainting, & the process of paintography.


Signs of Spring Photography by Onlythemoon


Whilst I like the rose-tinted monochrome works as stand-alone artworks, I'm continuing to work with this image, adding colour and taking it further towards abstraction. Let me know what you think!


Signs of Spring Photography by Onlythemoon Signs of Spring Photopainting 1 by Onlythemoon 

Signs of Spring Photopainting 2 by Onlythemoon