Rainy Day

Blue Rainy Abstract Landscape by Onlythemoon


16.2.20 (or 2.16.20 - depending on where you live!)

I woke up today to be surrounded by floodwater, again, we are not within flooding distance of a river, stream or brook, but a field that is taken on water - fast, and overflowing into the road, drives, and gardens, encroaching on our homes. Tonight I’ll probably make sure we have a go-bag and put any valuables on “higher” ground. 

Here, it feels like the earth is reclaiming her land, like our homes might be in the way of an ancient waterway. A local quarry has fossil finds that denote its prehistoric tropical landscape and climate. Perhaps, I live in an old lake bed, and that over millennia the land has been reshaped and shifted and pasture land created, but now the earth, is making seismic shifts unsettled by the rapid climate change by human hands, the earth is being pushed and pulled, unsettled and fluctuating, the reshaping that is usually imperceptible is visible, tangible, palpable.

It seems only fitting that I share my blue rainy abstract with this blog post, with the water levels rising, will our blue and green planet be more blue than green?