Give yourself a gift... for free!

Give yourself a Gift for free


It's gifting season, but here's a gift for you - for free! 

Time to take a moment from all the sales madness and look after you!

Learning is something that's important to me, not only is it important for my art practice, but I consider it to be important for my holistic well-being. If I'm always learning something new, I'm always growing!

Keep Learning Keep Creating

Skillshare is great for lifelong learning. Use this link and you can get two months premium membership for free (it's a referral link - so I get a month's free too - woohoo!)

Keep Learning Keep Creating

Need More Info?

It's video-based and each course is broken down into smaller lessons, so it's great for doing in your own time and when you're feeling inspired!

There are loads of creative courses, and workshops as well as business courses. 

If you're an artist or interested in developing your creativity - skillshare is definitely for you!

Keep Learning Keep Creating

What's on offer?

A good place to start for artists would be Catcoq's (artist, Cat Coquillette) latest course, "Design Top-Selling Product Mockups with Your Art"  it's an awesome course where she shares her tips for top-selling designs and takes you through creating mock-ups for each one.

It comes with 10 free Creatsy mock-ups, which are pretty amazing! & it's all for free! Here's my referral link! (again if you sign up via this link you get 2 months free, & I get a month free- wohoo!) 

Here are some of the mock-ups I made for the course, they feature my Red Sky at Night artwork, the mockups are for Framed Art Prints, Phone Cases, Greetings Cards & Tote bags (just a small selection of the mock-ups you get for free when you do the course!).

Click on the images to go straight to the course and get creating today! (Or use this link!) 

& you can take a look at my Red Sky at Night Artwork here


Mock-ups made during the course, featuring Onlythemoon's Red Sky at Night artwork design

Phone case mock up featuring Onlythemoon's Red Sky at Night artwork design

Greeting card mock up featuring Onlythemoon's Red Sky at Night artwork design

Tote Bag mock up featuring Onlythemoon's Red Sky at Night artwork design


So what are you waiting for? Give yourself a gift for free! Here's the link for Catcoq's course! & for Skillshare. Get creating!

It's worth checking out even if you don't want to sign up for the premium membership as there's a number of free courses available without premium membership as well!

Keep Learning Keep Creating


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Pinterest is great for finding and sharing creative ideas. I use Pinterest not only to share my own work but to share ideas for developing creative practice and art business skills. Check out my Pinterest Boards!


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