Finding space: Art works in progress

Finding Space

Here's a snapshot of some of my space inspired artworks in progress. Let me know what you think!


Green coloured half moon on black background


I'm inspired by the wonder of the night sky. The moon looks magical and quietly powerful. This is a fun collage piece I created to spark ideas for further work.


Abstract story sky with pink and blue nebulas to the centre and left of the image with painted splatters to give the effect of stars with a barely visible black background.


In this image I had fun with my procreate brushes trying to create a story space painting. 


Mint green square image with white rectangle the upper right and rectangular shapes on the left vertical side, the image has a brushed metallic effect.


With this artwork I abstract the idea of space, the idea of making, finding space and fitting in. I recreated this artwork using procreate from a large collage that I created.


Purple circularly shape on mint background with rectangular shapes to the upper right side and bottom left side.


With this artwork I'm trying to bring the two ideas together the hugeness of the moon and abstract idea of space. 


Green and purple circle in the middle of a square image with irregular shapes above and around the circle


With this experiment the moon shape become more earth like, and the effect more distressed.


Washed out irregular purple circular shape on mint green background with irregular rectangular shapes to the top and lower left sides


In this experiment the shapes are more defined and moves more towards the idea of space and the abstract idea of fitting in or movement within a space.


Square Abstract painting with subtle parred down colours and marks, pastel green triangular shape across the top left, grey to the bottom left with grey ad white images moving up, with a thin gold rectangular shape in the top right corner


With this image I parred down the colours and removed the circular image, the subtle colour tones and irregular shapes with a more ethereal intangible effect, with the feeling of something nearly but not quite recognisable and something nearly but not quite within reach.

Let me know what you think of these works so far and if you have any ideas for titles or where the work could go, let me know!