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Edit This 2020 1 - Onlythemoon's entries

Check out my entries for the 2020 - 1 Edit this contest on Fine Art America!

For the Edit this contest we were given a photograph that we had to edit to create an artwork. I've created a number of artworks using this photograph and selected these three for the contest.
I've created them by combining the contest photograph, my own photographic works, and paintings, to create a collection of digital paintings around the theme of landscapes, planes, and flight. 

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Plane Blinds

Sunset Flight

Sunset Flight by Onlythemoon

Landscape Window, Green, Blue, Red

Landscape Window, Green, Blue, Red by Onlythemoon

The Selection

Take a closer look at the artworks selected for the contest.

Edit This 2020 1 The Selection

Edit This 2020 1 The Selected Artworks

The Longlist

Have a look at the extended collection of artworks created for this contest here. and let me know your favourites, I'll be editing the collection soon, so let me know which one you prefer in case it doesn't make the final edit! I think the collection gives an insight into my creation process and how I try to develop my artistic ideas. 
The Collection - Edit This 2020 1 (Plane Landscapes) by Onlythemoon