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Reflected landscapes, Apricot Sunset, work in progress by Onlythemoon

Reflected landscapes, Apricot Sunset, Work in Progress

On the 8th April, the full moon will be a Supermoon, it'll illuminate the night sky appearing larger than usual. It's effects on the ebb and flow of the sea continues, it's relationship and interconnection with the earth continues. So whilst many of the humans on the planet stay quarantined in their homes, managing the fear and uncertainty of an unseen but devastating pathogen, night turns into day and the earth keeps turning.

Window sphere work in progress

Window sphere work in progress

During this time our connections with the earth, our landscape, each other and the other inhabitants on the planet, will change, how we manage our connections, disconnections, and re-connections over our time in lockdown and beyond can be creative and innovative, they may incorporate the old but look visibly different.

House Work in Progress
House Work in Progress

For this series of works, I will explore our relationship with the landscape through windows, shadows, and portals. The artworks will fuse together analogue and digital, using collage, paint, photography, and sculpture. I will deliver this online, via my website and social media platforms.

Remixed Red Sky at Night by Onlythemoon
Remixed Red Sky at Night