Australian Bushfires: Our Hearts are with Oz, How can we help?


Our Hearts Are With Oz


Like many people, I've been deeply upset by the Australian Bushfires. & I wanted to share some ways that we can help. 


Australian Red Cross

Check out @redcrossau for how to donate to help right now & with the recovery.⁠
& Here's the link for donations to the Australian Red Cross: Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.⁠ 

Our Hearts Are With Oz

World Wildlife Fund

& Here's how you can help the wildlife by donating to @wwf (the World Wildlife Fund).⁠

Here's the link to the World Wildlife Fund & how to donate and help. ⁠

Our Hearts Are With Oz

How else can we help?⁠

As well as donating directly to @redcrossau & @wwf  - how else can we help?⁠

By creating and sharing info and posts! ⁠

Do you use Canva? They are donating!⁠

I use @canva to create my posts. Whilst using Canva, it currently has a link directly to the Australian Red Cross: Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund

As well as this, proceeds from paid images on Canva are currently also being donated to Australia’s emergency bushfire relief and recovery programmes. ⁠

Our Hearts Are With Oz

Short on money right now? What else can we do?⁠⁠

If you can't donate money right now, you can create posts, like this one via @canva - check out their free Bushfire Relief Collection here  ⁠

- or share posts from WWF or the Australian Red Cross, this link from the World Wildlife Fund has suggestions for other ways to help.


Check out my Facebook feed & my Pinterest Art & Humanity board for more ideas to help. 


Oz, our hearts are with you! ❤️❤️❤️