And the Sun Goes to Sleep

And the Sun Sleeps Abstract Landscape Work in Progress by Onlythemoon



The rain has subsided but has left pools of liquid and light everywhere, there is a mini lake where there was previously farmland, the paths, and roads have tidemarks of debris and mud. Our belongings are staying on “higher ground” for the foreseeable, for it seems this rain shows no sign of abating. The wind howls, pushes and holds. Some flood defenses are working, some non-existent. But the sun shone and warmed our hearts. Until the wind pushed once more. & the rain started again, with a cold bite that hadn’t been there before. With the feel of winter all around, there are glimpses of Spring, catkins dangling off trees and the green stalks of daffodils and snowdrops, have emerged, standing upright, readying themselves to burst into jewels of colour, without fanfare or notice, to humbly light the way towards Summer. As the sun sets she shines brightly, her yellow light amplified and reflected by the abundance of water. Her light lowers Westward, until her brightness disappears and the cold dark of night begins to envelop the sky. The edge of twilight lingers in smoky clouds, whilst the cosmic daubs of white shine brightly in the early evening sky. 


And The Sun goes to sleep Abstract Landscape Photopainting


The work in progress image I'm sharing with my blog post today, is part of a series of works in progress I created with the aim of translating the memory of this day into a visual image.

This photopainting was created with rain photographs taken on the same day, and blended with photographs of the sun coming through fabric at a window, as well as photographs of my collages and paintings.

I selected these images to try to describe the feeling of light created by the water and setting sun. The landscape works were selected to create the sense of time and movement, across the day, dusk and towards night.