• Custom artwork created just for you

    I have re-opened my custom artwork or design offer. This time, it's open to anyone - not just my email subscribers!

  • Custom Artwork or Design Offer

    Hi, I haven't posted for a while so I thought that I would write a quick post to say hello and to let you know that I am offering to create you a custom artwork or design, if you take up this offer, you will only have to pay the purchase price if you choose to buy. Read more...
  • Personalize your home office decor with this blue abstract collection

    I've been busy working on my blue abstract home/ office collection in my zazzle store. The items can be personalized and customized, including phone cases, notebooks, pens, photo blocks and more. Check out the collection...

  • Limited Time Offer 50% Off When it rains collection!

    For a limited time only there's 50% off the When it rains collection, get the triptych or choose your favourite! Take a look at the canvas prints available now at half price! Read more....

  • Surprise sale! 20% off Everything!

    Surprise sale! 20% off everything! Use With Code Dad20 at checkout Now Through June 19th!!!!! Cloud gazing artwork, grab it while it's on sale! Read more...
  • Green Sculptural Abstract Landscapes

    Green Sculptural Abstract Landscapes - taking shape! Day 71 of #the100dayproject Time to reflect! The inspiration for this project was my green & purple acrylic abstract painting. Using this as a starting point, I've been making new digital paintings. Over the last 70 artworks, the project has developed, with the work taking on a sculptural feel & muted green becoming the main colour. 




  • Lumen prints Work in Progress

    Creating lumen prints is an alternative, cameraless photographic process. In this blog post, I share some tips about this simple, yet elegant art form & some of my works in progress. By experimenting & having fun different effects can be achieved to create wonderful unique prints! Read more to find out how!...

  • Finding space: Art works in progress

    Here's a snapshot of some of my space inspired artworks in progress. Let me know what you think! Read more...
  • Leafy Portraits 1

    ntroducing my Leafy portrait series! I’m currently working on a series of leafy portraits. I wanted to share with you how the series is developing so here's a preview of the first artwork in this series of works in progress!

  • Check out my new work, Rainbow sky leafy abstract, in store now!

    New work added to store! Rainbow sky leafy abstract Check out the new artwork to be added to my store!
  • Rainbow Sky Leaves Abstract Artwork in Progress

    Rainbow Sky and leaves Work in Progress Check out my new work in progress! ⁠
  • Surprise! 25% Off Black Friday Sale Starts TODAY

    Surprise! 25% Off Black Friday Sale Starts TODAY